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Paul Harrison Award

The Paul Harrison Award is one of the most prestigious awards awarded by CMC and the Alumni Association annually to one, or rarely two, medical undergraduate or postgraduate alumni for a lifetime of selfless steadfast and significant service in needy areas, in mission service, or in disadvantaged and under-recognised circumstances. The award is usually presented on Graduation Day and offers an opportunity for graduates and postgraduates to be inspired by seeing and listening to the recipient and to seek to emulate them.

The Paul Harrison Award recipient is selected by a committee formed by the Director, Associate Directors, Council Secretary, Principal, Vice Principals, Senatus Secretary, Registrar, Alumni Association President and Secretary, and the Head of the Department of Community Health. The Principal’s office sends a call for nominations in June of each year. Self-nominations are not permitted.

For the guidelines used to select the recipient(s) of the Paul Harrison Award please:Clickhere

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To know more about the events that influenced and inspired Prof Jacob Chandy when he was the Principal of CMC Vellore (along with Paul Harrison’s widow, Ann Harrison) to institute The Paul Harrison Award, please: Clickhere

2022 – Dr. Gordon Mervyn Rangad (1966) Citation 

2021 – Drs. Christopher D Moses (1975) and Shobha Mathew (nee Moses) (1975) Citation

2020 – Drs. Alexander Thomas (1961) and Rebecca Alexander (nee Jacob) (1964) Citation

2019 – Drs. David Paul (1979-80) and Anuradha Paul (PG Alumnus) Citation 

2018 – Dr. Moji Jini (1977) Citation

2017: Dr. Fam Siow Leong (1979-80) Citation

2016: Drs. Vijay Anand Ismavel and Ann Miriam Citation

2015: Drs. Premal and Loretta Das (1978) Citation

2014: Dr. Kuruvilla Varkey (PG alumnus, 1971) Citation

2013: Dr. Daisy Rani Rao nee Koilpillai (1976) Citation

2012: Dr. Mary Ramasamy nee Oommen (1973)Citation

2011: Dr. Solomon S. Chelliah (1973)Citation

2010: Dr. P.T. Abraham (1962)Citation

2009: Dr. Chongthu Biakmawia (1964)Citation

2008: Dr. Ponnalari Carunia (1961) Citation

Dr. John Cherian Oommen (1979-80)Citation

2007: Dr. Keith Kalyan Ingty (1964)Citation

2006: Dr. Valentine Patrick Macaden (1955) and Dr. Susanna Macaden (1955)Citation

2005: Dr. Nandakumar C. Menon (1967)Citation

2004: Dr. Binayak Sen (1966)Citation

andDr. Joyce Siromoni (1948)Citation

2003: Dr. Vinod M. Shah (1964)Citation

2002: Dr. G.M. Jeyabalan (1959-60)Citation

2001: Dr. H.O. Bulchand (1956)Citation

2000: Dr. Deena Sonna (Pre 1942 batch)Citation

1999: Dr. Chandraranee Ambalavanar (1949)Citation

1998: Dr. Baha Hembrom (1952)Citation

and Dr. Sosamma Philip (1945)Citation

1996: Dr. Douglas E. Henry (1950)Citation

1994: Dr. Annamma Samuel (1950)Citation

1992: Dr. Sarala Elisha (1946)Citation

1990: Dr. Ajit Ronald Gurbachan Singh (1963)Citation

1988: Dr. Stephen Hansdak (1955)Citation

1986: Dr. Victor Choudhrie (1953)Citation

1984: Dr. Ernest Lall and Dr. Pramila Lall (1949)Citation

1983: Dr. Victoria Mathews (1953)Citation

1982: Dr. A.C. Salins (1957) and Dr. Sushila Salins (1958) Citation

1978: Dr. Rabindranath Baidya (1949)Citation

1974: Dr. D.W. Matagaonker (1950)

1972: Dr. Colbert Silvara (1958)

1971: Dr. P.P. George (1958-59)

and Dr. K.V. Kurien (1958-59)

1967: Dr. Ramabai Rao (1943)Citation

1966: Dr. R.S. Arole and Dr. Mabelle Arole (1954)Citation