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  1. The committee is formed by Director, Associate Directors, Council Secretary, Principal, Vice Principals, Senatus Secretary, Registrar, Alumni Association President and Secretary, Head, Community Health.
  2. The award is for only medical alumni, either graduates or post-graduates.
  3. It is not a posthumous award – part of the aim of the award is for the graduates and postgraduates to see and listen to the recipient on Graduation Day, and be inspired to emulate them. The committee might overrule this in the most exceptional of circumstances.
  4. Normally only one awardee is chosen. Exceptions may be made for couples working together, when both are eligible.
  5. Any individual may make nominations, not necessarily those with a direct connection with CMC. However, self-nominations are not acceptable.
  6. The Principal’s office will send out the call for nominations in June of each year. Every attempt will be made to disseminate this widely. However, this will not involve the media or public domain.
  7. All nominations will be carried over for the next 4 years.
  8. The award should go to one, or rarely two, alumni, annually, for selfless steadfast and significant service in needy areas, in mission service, or in disadvantaged and under-recognised circumstances, normally within India or in the country of origin.  In exceptional circumstances, such service in another country may be recognised. The award need not be made if no suitable candidate is found.
  9. The award should be for lifetime service, and the nominee should have completed 35 years from the time of admission. That would take them usually to the age of early to mid 50s at time of consideration for the award. Exceptions could be made in case of star performers afflicted with terminal illness before reaching that age.
  10. This is one of the most prestigious awards given by CMC. The recipient needs to be above controversy. It may be necessary to review the nominee’s bond completion history and service obligations.