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  1. The alumnus must have worked for a period of 25years in one of the mission hospitals run by the sponsoring bodies of CMC.
  2. Both undergraduates and postgraduates are eligible.
  3. Only actual time in service in CMC sponsoring mission hospitals will be counted. Time away in pursuing studies, and service in any other setting will be deducted while calculating the 25 years.
  4. It is not to be given in absentia.
  5. If one partner of a couple working together in one place is eligible for the award before the other, s/he should be given the award on time. The spouse will be invited to receive the award whenever s/he becomes eligible.
  6. The presentation is done on College Day (Saturday).
  7. A citation is presented. There is no cash award.
  8. Accommodation, local hospitality and 2-tier AC travel fare from locations in India will be provided. Airfare, in cases of people traveling from overseas, will be borne by the individual or the sponsoring mission.
  9. All eligible candidates will receive the award. The award lapses for the year, if there are no suitable candidates.
  10. Principal’s Office (prompted by Alumni Office) will send a letter in March (with the criteria) each year, requesting all sponsoring bodies to send in names of eligible candidates, along with a write up and details of bio-data. This will be helpful in the writing of the citation, and in updating the database.
  11. Self reports are acceptable, subject to verification.
  12. Alumni Association Committee office bearers – specifically, President and Secretary, will be responsible for escorting the awardees from their place of stay, to the College Tea venue, and thereafter to the Auditorium, for the ceremony.